Virtual Gothenburg is mainly being developed so that urban planning can be carried out in a smarter and more efficient way, helping us to build a better city for its inhabitants. The Digital twin will enable detailed studies of the city from three perspectives:

  • We can understand what the existing city looks like and how it works at the moment
  • We can control different functions in the city on the basis of what is happening now in real time
  • We can predict and plan simulated future functions or events in the city.

“Today’s society is so complex and has so many interacting factors that we need to develop new tools for urban planning. In a digital twin, we can create scenarios for new planned areas complete with traffic simulations for those areas. For example, how are autonomous vehicles perceived and how do they work? It is easy to carry out sun and shadow studies as well as noise/sound and air quality analyses. We also need to address the challenges of downpours and segregation,” says Eric Jeansson.

“With a digital version of Gothenburg, not only will we be able to work with urban and regional planning and transport issues in a smarter and more efficient way, but we can also have a better dialogue with the city's inhabitants about future changes to the city."


  • City & Urban Planning
  • 3D Rendering & Game engine

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