The ODI is a non-profit with a mission to work with companies and governments to build an open, trustworthy data ecosystem. They work with a range of organisations, governments, public bodies and civil society to create a world where data works for everyone.


  • Consultancy & advice: Talk to us about ways we can help you with your data strategy, data policy or new opportunities
  • Courses & training: Learn more about data with our in-house courses and e-learning offer
  • Membership & networking: Join our ODI Members network, with organisations, startups, charities and more
  • Research and development: We're constantly researching and developing new ideas. Join our exploration
  • Public policy: Our public policy team provides thought leadership on emerging issues in data policy and digital technologies
  • Tools & resources: Use our free tools and resources to help with your everyday work
  • Startups & fostering innovation: Work with startups or help us develop your startup idea
  • Data as Culture: Our world-class art programme that aims to expand the public understanding of data


The ODI aims to enable the development of data infrastructure in ways that benefit people, companies, governments and civil society. They focus on increasing data flows around the data ecosystem, improving skills and capabilities, and encouraging innovation. They support data flows, focusing our efforts in three broad areas:

  • Improving the data practices of organisations so that they can build and manage adequate data infrastructure and data use. The work on data literacy and data assurance is part of these efforts.
  • Tackling challenges so that the data ecosystem works better. The data institutions work and the work on data ecosystems and innovation are part of this.
  • Gathering and creating research, evidence and knowledge about data and the benefits of open, trustworthy data access, to inform companies and policymakers as they create data infrastructure, assets, practices and policies. This is their evidence and foresight work.


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